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Frequently asked questions
1Why Outsourcing ?
In today's world of business, due to closed competition, it's really important to produce high-quality products with competitive prices. To achieve this, most of the companies use the outsourcing methodology for cost reduction. In this way, companies have more time and budget to spend on R&D to develop new products for the market.
2Why Global Trading Agency ?
There are several advantages but we only point out a few: 1- For us, the most important organizational value is adherence to ethics in business and our relationships with manufacturers and consumers. 2- Due to our long history of business reputation, we have very good business ties with various key players in the market. 3- Our filed of activity in machinery and solutions, bring us close to the manufacturers, this gives us the ability to procure goods at a more reasonable price. 4- Logistic handling is a piece of knowledge and key success factor, we have a good network of logistics and we have the knowledge.
3Does Global Trading Agency produce its offered chemicals on their own ?
We do not produce products in our own production facilities. BUT We chose the producers based on their production machinery, their reputation in the same field, and then we outsource our production to them. This will be monitored with our inspection agents.